Walk It Out

This blog post is kindly sponsored by Famous Footwear. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Stay home. Shelter in place. Quarantine. Isolate. Social distancing. Seems like those words/ phrases are part of every conversation we have these days. They are definitely part of mine. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel and process the information coming at me lately. I hurt for our world, for our country. I just want to push this time so far back into my memory… but that would also mean having to let go of the sweet little moments. Hear me out- even though this time has come with a great sense of grief and worry, it’s not without its joys. There are beautiful opportunities to spend time being grateful for the little things. Honestly, aren’t you feeling that gratitude lately? I REALLY appreciate sunny days, being with my husband, going on nature walks with my children. I’m trying my best to really take it all in and enjoy a moment to unplug from the noise of it all.

I don’t know, maybe there should be a little more conversation surrounding the idea of HOW we can cope through this. Trust me, I know there are bigger and badder issues at hand… but keeping our mental health is ALSO essential to our success.

For now, part of our quarantine routine is taking isolated nature walks. We are truly blessed to have a campground near by that is large enough where you can be alone in the woods for miles. This has been a go to! Breathing that fresh air does something amazing to our spirit. So you know what I did? I took it a step further and found a fun pair of sandals (on line) at Famous Footwear and took those babies for a walk.

Listen- even if it’s just a nature walk, throwing on a pair of cute shoes and wearing spring clothes did wonders for my mood. If you’re in a position where you can be at a safe social distance and enjoy something similar to this, I would encourage you to try it. We have to find ways to experience that joy during these unbelievable times. I hope all of you are staying safe during this time and please reach out if you just need to talk it out. We’re all in this together! I go batty some days so I can relate to being uncomfortable on a very personal level.

Lots of love you guys!

XOXO, terri

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  1. I LOVEDDD reading this, Terri!!! Everyone can connect with your message for sure! As bad as everything is, we MUST continue to LIFT each other up!!! We must continue to stay STRONG and DEDICATED in our FAITH!!! Staying positive is crucial right now… more than EVER!!!!! Thank you for sending this to me, it uplifted me more than you can imagine!

    And I LOVE your sandals!!! LOVE!!!! Like you said, it does wonders for our soul when we see the sun shining and dress in spring outfits! I pulled out my sandals from last summer this weekend…. Lawdy…. Definitely a sight for sore eyes! 😂

    Do you have a favorite place you buy your sandals from? It is always so hard to order shoes online!!!

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    • You’re SOOO sweet!!! Thank you so much for your encouraging words, friend! You always uplift me, always!

      As far as sandals, haha I find them at famous footwear, they have THE cutest styles!! Hope you’re doing well 🙂


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