Leftover Halloween Candy Hot Chocolate 🍫

Before you think, eww, aren’t those candy bars way too old for use? Calm down, Karen. I’m just talking about the ones that have a long shelf life and have clearly NOT expired 🙂 Safety first, guys.

On to the sweet stuff (and why you’re here)! So if your kids have special training in being Halloween candy ninjas, then you probably have a whole treasure cove worth of candy still sitting at home. We have so much I have started donating it to random people. My husbands co-workers, Christmas goodie bags, whoever knocks on my door at this point. It just needs to leave our house!

Also, big mom fail here but I didn’t stock up on hot cocoa mix for this Christmas break! When my daughter asked me for hot chocolate today, I was like “um… yeah, give me a sec”. That’s when I spotted old jack

I knew if I just melted a few chocolate bars, we were in business! As I was sifting through the candy I thought, this could very well be a VERY happy accident. I looked at the snickers bars and knew this was going to be one yummy hot cocoa experiment.

So… drumroll, the candy choices we went with

Pretty easy peasey as my daughter likes to say! Obviously, straining the hot chocolate was a must. No one wants to choke on a peanut while drinking cocoa, am I right?

Here’s a cutesy (very short video) on how to make the goods:

This is THE easiest hot chocolate recipe (when you’re out of mix)! It tastes as delicious as you imagine Christmas to be. For real, it’s gooood.


4 cups of whole milk

7-9 fun sized candy bars

Marshmallows for topping


In a medium saucepan, let milk simmer over medium heat. Make sure NOT to bring to a boil. Add candy bars, a few at a time. Stir until well blended and melted. Remove from heat. Transfer to desired carafe or mug, be sure to strain excess peanuts; rice puffs out before serving. Enjoy hot!

Be sure to give this one a try this season, you’ll thank me because you will love it!!


XOXO, terri


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