Ditch Them or Still Need Them?

So, those moments in which you realize you’ve just had a major mom fail. Not the greatest reflection on those parenting skills, am I right? Well, 8 years deep into this mom gig and three kids later, I am still discovering ‘common knowledge’ basics.

The most recent discovery; learning that my older boys were still required (by our NC laws) to use a booster seat. I. Was. Shocked. Before you judge me too harshly or ask the most basic of questions; “How did she not know something like that?”, most of my mom friends are in the dark about this as well.

We kept the boys in booster seats for almost 6 years. They’re pretty tall boys for their age, and after a little while, they just started to look silly in those seats. To be honest, they were super uncomfortable.

So, I did what most moms do… I asked my fellow mama’s how long they kept their kids in booster seats. Like I said before, none of these kiddos were using them at that point. After seeing tons of my son’s peers get picked up and dropped off at school (with no booster seat in view), I assumed I was in the right to do away with those, and ditch the seat.

Fast forward to a couple years later. I was searching for a new design for Avenleigh’s seat (age 4), I noticed they made them for my son’s age as well. I was stunned. Given my inquisitive nature, I couldn’t just leave it alone. I had to look into this a little further. I read up on child passenger safety as well as which laws pertained to us by state. I could not believe that both our boys were still required to use booster seats.

Not only had they been out of those seats for 2 years or so, they had no interest in regressing. When I brought up that we would need to purchase some booster seats for them, they were horrified. Afraid their friends would think they were seating in seats like toddlers do. I knew the seat that I was looking for had to be sleek and “cool” enough that they would not think of it as regressing but the new norm.

When one magical day, I bumped into Clek Inc over on Instagram. These car seats are SO sleek, more importantly, built for safety and comfort. I found exactly was I was looking for. A great design for each kiddo that I knew would last and be sturdy enough to survive a spilled happy meal or two.



The Oobr and the Olli are SUPER easy to install in your car. They have a built in rigid latch system that clicks right into the seats lower anchors.


It’s like second skin to the seats. A snug fit! Also, good news for you travelers. These seats are convenient to tote around with their detachable strap.



Doesn’t it look so comfy?! Oh and it also comes with a cup holder… that I didn’t find until after this picture, ha! I chose Avenleigh’s Oobr seat with the back option because I feel that she still could benefit from the extra support. Also, if you’ve ever watched my insta-stories, you know this girl loves to sleep in the car! Having her head nod around is nonnegotiable.

The boys on the other hand, were great with the backless Olli

Also, as it turns out, they were psyched when the booster seats arrived. It wasn’t what they were expecting… in the best way.

So, if I can offer some tiny advice; one mom to another, read up on child passenger safety. If you happen to be like me, and didn’t know about the age limit on the booster seats, no shame in that. Plenty of time to correct that and find a great seat for your kiddo. I happen to know a great place *wink wink*

If you’re supermom and had this all figured out, nicely done mama! Anyway, whether you’re looking to upgrade your child’s current car seat or wanting to purchase one for the first time Clek Inc really does have some amazing products and accessories. You would be wise to take a peek there, first!

Till next time! Keep those littles safe 🙂

XOXO, terri




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