Take a beat

You know those weeks that roll up into months that just feel SO heavy with responsibilities, mixed with no fun? Those kinds of weeks  have made up our past few months. We just needed to take a beat and pack up our picnic basket! So thankful that Botanical Gardens felt  like a sweet escape into  Neverland, it was just what our family needed to let loose.

_U1E2851 _U1E2865

_U1E2828 _U1E2827 _U1E2850 _U1E2895

So what has made the last few months so “meh”? For starters, gaining control of a wild toddler in the middle of trying to homeschool, is quite the challenge. Seems like our sweet Avenleigh has entered a new phase of her toddler years that have made me wonder if she’s being usurped by an evil twin, lol. No eye rolling, unless you’ve been there!

_U1E2839 _U1E2864

How can this cutie be anything less than perfect, right??

We’re all embracing Av’s wild side these days & letting her burn off all this new energy in the best way we know how. Taking it outside! So, for now, our homeschooling routine is looking very different than what you would expect from regular schooling hours and I suppose that’s the beauty of your home being the classroom, you can custom fit it to your family’s needs.

Cheers to being free!

_U1E2951 _U1E2876

xoxo, terri


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