Halloween Kid Friendly Treats

I’ve gathered everyones favorite usual suspects to create a fun, kid-friendly, Halloween candy tray.

My entire family loves chocolate and peanut butter so I made a few Halloween inspired treats to snack on while we carve our pumpkins.

What you’ll need:

• mini pretzel sticks

• mini original pretzels

• candy googling eyes

• mini Reese’s cups

• fun sized KitKats

• Halloween colored sprinkles

• chocolate Oreos

• peanut butter

Treats to make:

Witches broom = one Reese cup/ one pretzel stick/ a dab of peanut butter.

Remove Reese’s cup from wrapper and turn upside down. Dip one end of pretzel stick in peanut butter, a dab will do. Slowly twist in pretzel stick in the center of the Reese’s cup.

Oreo Spider = one Oreo/ 8 pretzel sticks/ two candy googling eyes/ a dab of peanut butter

Gently, twist pretzel sticks on the side of the Oreo. Four on each side, mirroring each other. These will be the spider legs. Dab two dot on the top part of the Oreo and place candy googling eyes.

Reese’s Cup Spider = one Reese’s cup/ two mini pretzels/ two googling eyes/ a dab of peanut butter

Remove Reese’s cup from wrapper and turn upside down. Set aside. GENTLY snap of each half circle loop off of pretzel. Each pretzel should have three! These will be the legs- I know spiders have eight total but this spider will have six 🙂 Gently press in each pretzel leg on the side of Reese’s cup, not on top. Also, make sure raw edges of pretzel are facing downward. Half circle shape should be the top part (see video for reference). Place two dots of peanut butter on top of Reese’s cup and cover each dot with candy googling eyes.

KitKat Monster = one fun sized KitKat/ peanut butter/ Halloween colored sprinkles/ one googling eye.

Remove KitKat from wrapper and dip one end into peanut butter. Roll peanut end in the Halloween colored sprinkles. Dab a dot of peanut butter on the center of the KitKat and cover with candy googling eye.

Super simple to make and the kids will LOVE it!

Watch video for tutorial 🙂

Happy Spooky season!!

XOXO, terri

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