Freshly Picked, comin’ at ya!

I have the BEST treat for you moccasin lovin’ mama’s out there! Here is the latest and totally rad Moccasin hard sole shoe out there. YES, you heard me correctly, hard sole! If you’re anything like me, you also shed a little tear when your babes had grown out of their soft sole moccasin shoe. Wondering how on earth they would ever look cool again, am I right?! So, Susan, who is just a freaking genius decided to keep the dream alive for her original crew of babes that had outgrown those darling moccs… introducing THE NEXT STEP

So, how amazing are these, you guys?!

Ok, so you have to bear with me for a few as I gush and tell you all about my opinion on these moccs

THESE moccs are everything! The best of both worlds rolled up into one perfect little shoe. Great quality leather, with the sassy style of the moccasin. Available in several different kinds of wonderful colors and prints (might I add, even pizza!) I mean seriously, wish they had them in my size <all the heart eyes>.

So let’s get a step further than style… you want to know if these are wearable and functional for the littles, right?? Let’s just say elastic laces. Yeah, exactly! I was completely smitten when I realized these shoes wear slip ons. THE NEXT STEP shoes have the sturdiness of any quality leather sneaker with the couture style for your babes. My daughter is wonderfully girly but plays so rough, she can definitely keep up with the boys. When picking out shoes for Avenleigh, I always worry if they’re going to last more than a month before she’s either destroyed them or she’s gotten a blister from them (she’s a runner folks). These shoes passed the test! They don’t bother her little feet in the least and they’re easy to slip on and go, which again, makes my mama heart VERY happy.

So, I’m not yelling at you but, RUN! Get these freaking amazing shoes, they’re worth every penny! Also, Rose Gold was JUST released yesterday, along with another sweet color. You’re welcome.

*no pups were hurt during this shoot, Lucy is also Av’s pony from time to time.

XOXO, terri

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