Hey there!

You guys, why does this always happen? The inevitable hiatus from the blogging world?! Each time I get the itch to blog, I promise myself I’ll be more fluid and consistent. Clearly, I didn’t have too good a run this time, HA! But I’m back, and I promise to share some fun styling tips, recipes, and parenting stories; all the goodies I’ve learned along the way!

SO, pumpkin patches… we just took the kiddos for a second round of pumpkin picking, hayrides, and corn mazes, because, why  not? There’s nothing I enjoy more than autumn and all its wonders. I’m always torn on how to dress the kids for this event, it’s a toss up between rain boots and clothes they can get dirty in, or photo shoot attire ( because lets face it, that camera comes with me everywhere I go), this time I blended these two options together and everyone was happy and comfortable, mom: 1 point!

File0089 File0118 File0089

For the little sassy lady, I paired a jersey Zara Kids dress and some fun sparkly Old Navy tights! Maybe I could have gone with some darker colors for the that day, but no harm done 🙂

File0126 cute + comfortable to play and ride all day!

File0171 File0141 File0138 this little dude is the roughest and toughest player in the bunch, so he always needs to be in something he can feel comfy in. my favorite denim and pants for the boys come from H&M and oh my gosh you guys, I’m not sure about you, but I love the adjustable elastic band on the inside of the kids pants! My boys never seem to be true to their size, and those adjustable bands are a life saver (insert raised hands emoji).

File0139 File0169

File0102 File0130

and finally for me, I never leave home without my wellies and my favorite blanket scarf, ever. If you don’t have one of these, find one! They serve many purposes, haha 😉

Anyway, thanks for visiting, this is our family style for now! Stay tuned for Fri-Yay fashion and weekend recipes!


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