Taking sleep back with TUFT & NEEDLE

Hi friends! Hope everyone is soaking in the fact that Christmas is LESS than a week away, heyyy. This time of year is just so fun, and good for the soul… now if we could get our weather together and decide if its spring or winter (and maybe get a little snow here and there) things would be perfect!

Speaking of perfect… when is the last time you thought the mattress you were sleeping on was utterly delicious?? If your answer to that is never, then this blog post is for YOU! Let me tell you guys all about how Tuft & Needle is taking sleep back!


So, if you’ve ever had the chance to experience an adaptive foam mattress, you know that the softness is out of control, amazing and comfortable. The Tuft & Needle adaptive foam  was created to help you sleep cool & provide support… AND localized bounce. You won’t feel other movement throughout the night, you know, for those wiggle worms that you may share a bed with 🙂

We’ve been a big fan of the Tuft and Needle mattress for a while now, and repeating customers. Just recently, our little girl transitioned from that hybrid toddler/ big kid bed and this transition wasn’t all the way complete without a great mattress. She was over the moon with excitement when we told her she was getting her own comfy Tuft and Needle goodness!


She tore the plastic right off the mattress and helped daddy throughout the whole process. Avenleigh was determined to create this comfy space for herself, haha.


I don’t think she could anticipate how good that first bounce on the foam would be, I literally had to bribe her to get off the bed so we could get some sheets on it



guys, she’s SOO excited about her new bed, she looks forward to naps, bedtime, you name it- HA! The best thing about Tuft & Needle is that its always free shipping, 100 night sleep trial (YES you read that correctly), 10 year no hassle warranty, AND returns are donated to local charities and non profits around the country. SOOO yeah, they’re pretty freaking great all around. Ok…. run, check them out, don’t just take my word for it! See why the obsession 🙂



XOXO, terri


The Best Sleep!

Hey guysss, I almost feel like I have to introduce myself all over again (insert waving hand emoji lol) since its been a minute from my last post. What can I say? Real life happens and I don’t always get a chance to blog about it 🙂

So a few month ago, I shared a post on the boy’s room “make-over”. Saying goodbye to that hideously colored loft bunk bed into a more neutral, big boy look. During that time, I had to purchase a new mattress for Phoenix since his bed was actually a toddler bed then, that was part of the bunk’s “fort”. To say I purchased a piece of junk, is being kind. It was a way over priced twin bed that looked wonderful on line and turn out to be as flat as a pancake (even after I let the mattress sit and expand) in real life. My poor boy had been sleeping on a terrible mattress, and even my attempts at making it more comfortable by purchasing mattress pillow tops, egg crate foams, you name it, it never really worked.

Enter the hero of the story: Tuft & Needle when I heard about this company I was very intrigued. One of their trademarks is creating good, quality products that are sold at a fair price. I loved hearing about their story and how they formed this brand (read more here)

I had seen enough of my friends use their products and rave about the best sleep ever… I just had to give it a shot for this boy’s sake!

By the way, they had me at the packaging. It’s the little things that make my heart flutter 🙂



I’ll be honest, when I first opened the box and saw how flat the mattress looked. I never thought it could ever really expand to a decent sized twin

_U1E9658_U1E9660I was SO wrong. The moment  (I mean the literally moment), not a few minutes later…within seconds of removing the plastic, the mattress took its beautiful shape into the most comfortable looking twin



so here was the moment of truth:Was it comfortable to lay on or would it sink?? I’m here to tell you, every great review this product has ever received is absolutely true!! WOW. Just wow. Now I’m hating on every mattress in our house, ha! It is such great quality, its like a luxury mattress for sure. All the stars, and I’m not embellishing.



This boy is on cloud nine.He’s pretty stoked, in fact his told me it felt like a marshmallow. 🙂 THANK YOU Tuft & Needle for this mattress and for the BEST sleep!

Have a great Thursday!

XOXO, terri