The darling Mint & Birch

It’s a stormy weekend for most of us East coasters, hoping you’re all keeping safe and snug out there! I personally can appreciate a rainy weekend, I’m not too much of a lounger but I definitely had the luxury of sleeping in this morning. All the high fives to my amazing hubby, who ALSO hung up wall mirrors for me today and has been so great at me helping start the remodel in our bathroom. He’s a keeper 🙂

So lately, I’ve been really digging the minimalistic vibe through and through, and this has definitely carried out into the jewelry styles I’ve been wearing. I’ve come a long way from the bubble necklaces! Do you guys remember those?! Oh my gosh, I still have them, one in each color. I’m sure you’re not interested in my early 2000’s jewelry collection though, so let’s talk about the darling m i n t  &  b i r c h

The best collection of handmade whimsical and minimalistic pieces I’ve seen!

I’m so excited about my custom necklace with the sweet words ‘once upon a time’. It’s so special to me and if you know me at all, you would know just how much I love fairy tales, princesses, and happily ever after’s 🙂

SO obsessed with Mint + Birch! I really wanted you guys to see these great items, that are super customizable. I honestly think that’s what makes this place so amazing to me. You can make it your own or create something incredibly special for a loved one.

Keep dry out there!

XOXO, terri


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