Happy Monday, friends! SOooo  it’s down to the last week of freedom before the kiddos go back to school, and that also feels like the amount of time left on our “sanity timer”. Although, summer flies by way too quickly, there’s something about routine that just makes life a little easier… am I right?! Today we are taking it slow around here (mostly because my allergies have taken over my life) and feeling all the lounging vibes.

I wanted to share with you guys about this super fun experience of custom designing Avenleigh’s quilt. I have never done anything like this, and I definitely didn’t think there was an option available to customize it down to a T! This scratched off so many things off my bucket list because I am severely challenged when it comes to sewing on a button, let alone, making any kind of quilt. Stitched is all about helping you find and love the quilt of your dreams, whether you like to create your own, or shop their designs, you’re guaranteed to walk away a happy customer 😉


When I designed my daughter’s quilt, I had three choices to choose from… I could personalize a Stitched quilt design, create one from scratch, or contact Stitched to customize! I went with the ‘design from scratch option’, I really wanted to make it her own, special, snuggly quilt. I knew it had to incorporate all the elements that make her so great. A little frilly, soft, along with wild and rough and tough. Haha, she’s her own “out of the box” thinking kind of gal.


I just died when I saw these little alligators (or is it crocodile?!) I knew I had to add those in there 🙂 I mean, its that detailed that you can make it very personalized!


How fun are those X’s?? I was torn with the color choices, SOO many options guys! I’m so pleased with how this quilt turned out, I’m glad that all of my ideas didn’t turn out to be one hot mess, instead, here is this precious blanket that mama made special for her.


Isn’t this just beautiful? I really wanted to take a close up photo of this texture, its times like this I wish you could touch the screen and feel the softness of this quilt. You wouldn’t believe the quality. It’s delicious! I’ve actually taken her quilt, and snuggled with it on the couch a few times, soo comfy.


Also, this quilt is huge!! It’s longer than I am and I’m 5’8″. Did I mention you can also customize the size of the quilts?? Yeah, its pretty great. 🙂


I hope you guys enjoy this site as much as I have. If you’re looking for a new quilt, or a very sweet gift for someone, this place is all kinds of wonderful. They have ALL kinds of quilts for everyone. I’m thinking I may need to go back for this one because its perfect! Last thing… they ship your order within a week, now THAT is freaking cool.


XOXO, terri



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